Monday, May 26, 2008

Update on Baby Robins

I was walking in our backyard and I could NOT resist the
opportunity to peek into the Robins nest. I was shocked to see
there are FOUR babies, not TWO as I reported in my earlier
post. They are so funny, heads up, beaks wide open, pointed to
the sky. I backed up about 12 feet and just stood there and the
Momma Robin (or Daddy) gave me a real treat!! Even with me so
close, they went right over to the nest & fed the babies. It was so
precious & I really felt very priviledged. I just wanted to share
this with all of you. Bye for now.

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Barb Hardeman said...

What a wonderful opportunity Ret. The Robins arrive here in Texas in early February heading up north. They don't stay around, and being from the north I was so used to them around all summer. Wish you had been able to get a picture of them...