Friday, January 2, 2009

City of David

Good day to you! New Years Eve was just the way I like it, calm and quiet. We had a nice quiet evening and managed to stay up until the ball dropped. (that's 1 am here, Atlantic Time. We're an hour ahead in Nova Scotia.) Just one problem, the station we watched never showed the ball dropped!!! We were sooooooo dissappointed. They just showed a fixed picture of the a super close up of the ball. it showed it the clear waterford crystal color, no colors shining thru or anything!!! Badddddd network!!! hehe

I hope this year proves to be one with tons of stamping and wonderful fresh, new idea's. I also pray and hope we all manage to stay relatively healthy and well this year!!! Here's hoping!!!

I have some xmas cards I wasn't able to get blogged in 2008. I think what I'd like to do is go ahead and add them now. Then we'll start off with all new & fresh!!!
Hope that sounds good to you!

I'm going to start out with City of David by Stampin Up. As you can see, I made the "front"of the card, just like a folder that opens from the top...then the "inside" would be the pull out part. I decorated the back of it slightly, so you could sign on the back side, rather than mess up the front! lol
hope you like it! Take care!


fishlips said...

Ret this is fantastic looking love the soft colors...Wonderful!!!!!

Beth said...

Lovely card Ret and a Happy New Year to you also my friend

Barb Hardeman said...

I have always loved this set. My daughter bought it from me two years ago when I was still working as a demo. I love that you found some of the retired paper to use with it and made a pocket card. Very pretty work...

Marilyn Goodrich said...

Beautiful card Ret! Happy New Year to you :-)