Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're home!

Hi folks, we are home! We pulled in very late Sunday nite. I spent yesterday basically trying to recoup on some badly needed rest. I feel much better today and able to get some work done. Lots of unpacking to do. I was able to do some shopping while in the states, picked up lots of staples for the kitchen that would of cost me nearly double here in Nova Scotia. I was tickled pink about that!!!!

We had a wonderful time while we were away. Scotty (DH) was able to get lots of fishing in. He made a new friend and fishing buddy and they had a good time out on the many lakes that surround us there. I was able to spend lots and lots of good quality time with my wonderful Mom!!! We both enjoyed it so very much, it was awesome! Ofcourse, the day came when we had to leave the mountains and believe me, there were many, many, many tears shed by both my Mom and I once I had left. But, we are both better now and back in the routine they call life. I will cherish those days until I can be back with my Mom!!

Ok, enough about vacation...I just wanted to let you know we are back safely and I will soon be stampin' again and YESSSSSSSS, I'll be posting!!! I missed it alot, and am looking forward to sharing my cards with you again, soon. Thanks to you all for your emails while I was gone, encouraging me to just relax and have fun and to not worry about blogging til I returned. You are all so kind! I truly appreciate your patience and kindnesses!!!!
Toodles, for now....Ret.


Shirley said...

I guess you should be stamping, right? LOLOL Just teasing you. Welcome back, Ret.

Debby said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation! Looking forward to seeing some of you fabulous creations!