Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baroque Motifs in Bravo Burgandy

Hi Everyone,

Did you ever notice that when you need a birthday card...then you need LOTS of them...if you need a sympathy card, it seems, I get lots of calls for them. And that's the trend right now for me, everyone is asking for Sympathy cards. That's not necassarily a good thing for someone...but I make whatever they ask me for. So please bear with me...I seem to be doing a bunch of them of late.

I wanted a card that was clean and simple, but pretty. I think it was much more defined without the glitter...the Burgandy was so deep and crisp. But I added the glitter, which I think looks fine on the card in real life, but in the pic, it looks like it wasn't stamped very clear...it's the glitter...trust me :)

Today was such a rainy dreary day that I had to turn the lights on in order to see what I was stamping. That's crazyyyyyyyy!!! It's mid June for crying out loud, we need more sunshine!! Poor Abbi, our Shih Tzu, just wants to sleep, sleep, sleep on days like this...doesn't want to play or anything. I know just how she feels, we definitely need sunshine!

My medical update: I am so proud of myself, I managed to get a load of wash done, some stampin done, got a beautiful pork roast done for supper and off to the Chiro for both DH and myself. Back home, watched a little TV and now I'm blogging. So I feel like I accomplished something for another day. Which is good, cuz it was just a week ago that I could hardly get out of my own way. I'm so happy that my body is reacting the way it's suppose to and I actually WANT to do something. woohooo! In all honesty though, I really, really am hoping for more energy, but I will take what I can get and be happy with it. It sure beats napping 20 times a day!! hehe

I hope I was able to inspire you to pick up your rubber and stamp something. Have a stampingly great week!




Wanda Johnson said...

Welcome back, Ret! Hope you continue to feel better and can enjoy the summer. :-) Beautiful card! I think simple is the best approach sometimes, and this is a lovely sympathy card. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are having better days, Ret! I know that fibromyalgia can really mess up your days, nights and everything in between! Glad to see you stamping again, even if you have to turn on the lights! LOL... I live in Florida, but my house is so dark I have to turn on three lights every day to stamp.. that's when it's sunny outside!
Hugs and prayers,

Patti J said...

Sympathy cards are so hard to create, and you have done such a wonderful job here! Your colors are so elegant, and that touch of glitter is beautiful. Great job, my friend!

Beth said...

beautiful Ret I know it is a sympathy card but the colors are so classy and elegant, glad you are having better days.

Beth Norman said...

Fabulous sympathy card. Your sparkle does show through to us. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I hear fibro is so difficult. I have depression and it's kept me out of my stamp room for a month. I hear you about getting in your own way.