Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi Stampers & Card Makers,
I've got no pics today for you, but thought I'd hop online and give you an update on my hand situation. Well, I was able to dodge surgery for our trip! However, I've got to have it when we get back home. Evidently, the tendon to the thumb was ruptured with the bone chip from the wrist break. If the rupture is repaired surgically as soon as it happens, it works. Mine wasn't detected until a month later when I noticed that my thumb wasn't working right. What they have to do in this case, is called a tendon transfer. The Doctor explained to me that the human body is designed with 2 tendons for the index finger and 2 for the little finger. The other fingers just have 1. In the case of a major injury like this, He will go in and take a tendon from either the little or index finger and transplant it to my thumb. Then after 4-6 weeks of healing, I'll under go intensive physical therapy, learning how to make my thumb and brain work together to get that new tendon to fire with the thumb, instead of the finger. He said it take some re-training of the brain and tendon, then I should be good to go. I sure hope so!!! This has been like being on a roller coaster ride. lol I'll be glad when it's all over, that's for sure. Maybe during vacation my thumb will miraclously come to life...I'm praying that it will! I want to be able to stamp & have fun with papercrafts.

Our weather didn't cooperate very much last Saturday for the yard sale. So I've been working hard this week (that's why I've been missing) getting more things weeded out to hit the tables for the yard sale this weekend. Right now we're having thunder showers, so I hope it gets it over with and is nice on the weekend. Wish me luck!!!!

Have fun with your stamping and card making and I'll try to post some work this coming week.
Take care! Bye for now... Ret.


FireCracker082 said...

oh Ret!! I'm so sorry to hear this! I will be sending you lots of healing vibes and prayers too! Hang in there as best you can in the mean time!! Enjoy your trip! Pamela

Maria said...

Hi Ret,

I'm sorry to hear about your thumb. Ouch, it sounds painful! Must be terrible not to have a thumb working properly. I had a problem with my thumb or tendon after "pruning" plants like a mad lady. After a while, I could not even hold a coffee mug up to drink it. After 6 months, it finally healed and my thumb works properly now. Hope you don't have to resort to surgery to fix your thumb!! I wish you the best!


Shirley said...

I wish you luck with your weather. Let it rain here and shine there!!! :-)