Monday, January 10, 2011

From the Heart Card and snowwwwwwww!

Today I thought I'd do a fun post. A card and then some pics of what we woke up to Sunday morning. Ofcourse, also some pics of Abbi!LOL

Here's my first Valentine card this year. The flowers look like hearts, I think it's pretty. I borrowed this S U set, and the label wasn't on it, so I'm not positive of the name of it, but I'm calling it "from the heart". Hope I'm close! I used dazzling diamonds to add some sparkle.

This is what we woke up to Sunday morning. Look how big those flakes are!!! It was just beautiful!!

Abbi looking a bit bewildered with it all.


She never moved from that same spot...then headed for the door...

All of a sudden she took off running flat out, headed for the door. Note the foot in mid air during her flight! Doesn't that look say "Get me out of this white stufffff!"!!!! hehe


Back Porch Stamper said...

Wow! Sure glad we don't have that snow in Florida!

Your valentine card is very pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

running a little behind Ret but had to pop in and let you know how beautiful your card is a real eye opener.