Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Few More

Ok, I think I'm totally wreathed out!!! Here are 4 more and I'm done with them!! For some reason, I can't make a wreath sitting down. I don't really know why, I just can't, LOL. I feel like I'm a hundred years old right now, dang it!!! My back, hips, legs are having a fit from standing while making the wreaths, so I've called it quits!! I've added the pix and I hope you like them. Thanks so much for looking and leaving your comments. It's so much fun to read them and hear from people all over the world. It truly makes my day. Thanks tons!!!

Happy craftin'!!!



Debbie Flattum said...

I love these wreaths, Ret. I wish I lived closer so I could buy one from you.

Nancy Dawson said...

Great Idea! I have a blog award for you so please stop and pick it up.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my! Look at all this great stuff! How darling! You are certainly keeping yourself busy!